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Telling your customer story is vital in today’s busy world. It`s important you build that connection and level of trust. At MikePodesta.com, we understand what it takes to write great content for our clients.

It’s all about understanding the business and getting to the root needs of a customer. It may sound simple but it takes time to develop and express that understanding through writing. Almost anybody can write but not just anyone can tell a story that provokes action.

Web Content Services and Benefits

Content is all about building trust in your business from the eyes of consumers. The right content can go a long way in building trust. It’s important to utilize more than one style of writing for your website. While you want to maintain a consistent tone, there are different ways to push a message. At MikePodesta.com, we offer several web content services including blog management, copywriting, and press releases to name a few. A targeted content management plan will help set you apart from the competition.

Blog Management — Blog posts created and delivered on a regular basis through various online methods including social media and Email can help build brand awareness and trust for your business. We will provide blog management and create specific content for targeted traffic. Our content will help make you be seen as an authority in your business sector. This can result in new leads for your business.

Copywriting — It’s an essential element of online marketing. We deliver copy for Pay-Per-Click and city specific landing pages, to web content such as ‘service’ and ‘about us’ pages. There is both an art and a science to delivering content that will make someone take action. Once you have that ability, you have a customer for life.

Press Releases — We also offer press release services. This piece of content is directed toward members of the media to announce something newsworthy. A properly written press release can be picked up by the media and the information can be used for a story.

Guest blogging — This is the act of creating a blog post on a website other than your own. This can help spread your brand and its message to a whole new audience. It will also help your website gain high quality links and continue to build your online reputation, not to mention increase visitors, leads and sales for your business.

Contact Us Today!

Let us tell your customer story. We will help build the connections and trust customers need before making a purchase. We will do this by maintaining a consistent tone through several platforms including but not limited to blog management, copywriting, and press releases.

Contact us today and let’s create a targeted content management plan that will help set you apart from the competition.

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