About Mike

Mike Podesta Marketing

High-quality content is important to maximize exposure and increase sales for your business.

There are so many content marketing services but few feature writers with a professional writing and business background.

You can’t afford to hand over your content marketing efforts to someone that does not have this experience. You deserve the best.

I am a professional writer with over 15 years of experience, including stints with daily and weekly newspapers and managing content for the largest physician-owned primary care group in the United States. My background includes creating promotional web copy, press releases, SEO and social media management.

My writing style is diverse, with the capability of writing for any niche with the proper research.




Scott Flanders
“I’ve seen a lot of articles written about me, but I am impressed with how Mike captured so much of my story and priorities in his piece.”
Rob Pene
"Mike knows what he's doing with content writing. He's writing quality, compelling pieces for our clients. He's always available when I need him. Thank you God for Mike Podesta!!!!"
Brandon Landis
Lead Copywriter at Responster
"Mike's ability to put together top-notch content came at the perfect time: My own content writing business had just begun to outgrow my time constraints and I was in desperate need of someone I could trust to deliver the quality of writing my clients were accustomed to. Not only has Mike been able to deliver exactly what I needed, he's been doing it with excellent turnaround."
Matt Downs
"We've used the service for about a month and a half and are pleased with the results. Mike's been able to take the ball and run with it without a lot of guidance and direction. Our social media is 100% better than what we were getting done on our own"
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