Packages below are tailored to your specific editing needs. Some pieces of content such as an article or a blog post may just need a quick proofreading. Others however, may require a more thorough edit.

Examples of content that I have reviewed in the past include: Website Copy, Articles, Blog Posts and eBooks.

Basic Review

500-1,000 words  $8

• Correct grammar (light check)
• Correct syntax (light check)
• Correct spelling and typos (light check)
• Consistency corrections.

Thorough Review

500-1,000 words ($15)

• Everything offered in the basic review, plus…
• A more thorough grammar, syntax, typo and spell check
• Continuity corrections
• Search for larger issues
• Second read through

 The Works

500-1,000 words ($20)

• Everything offered in the thorough review, plus …
• Suggest structural changes such as rearranging paragraphs to improve flow
• Suggestions and feedback to improve future articles.

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