Social Media Management

 $150 (One Month – $5/day)

One month of continuous, professional service, including:

• Daily monitoring & management

• Posts & replies for one platform

• Strategy & optimization

• 24/7  Direct Support

Social Media Management

You are well aware how important social media is to your business. Sometimes you just don’t have time to post an update or connect with your followers. Engaging and building a loyal following can be difficult, especially when you are busy building your business. That’s why you need to hire a social media professional to take your social media accounts to the next level.

Hiring someone to post a few status updates is one thing but truly engaging and building a devoted following is a completely different animal. I’m here to build relationships and make people want to follow your business.

Upon sign-up, we will go over your business and talk about your specific needs. I will put together an action plan on how I will build your social media presence.

This is good for ANY niche.

Many people offer social media services but few know what it takes to be in charge of a business account. It is very different than a personal account. Don’t trust your social media account with just anyone.

You need someone that has real experience.


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